Travel like a Pro with these Amazing Airport Hacks

Looking for some practical tips for airport travel during COVID? Whether you’re prepping up for a city break, a week-long holiday, or a last-minute weekend trip, airport hacks always come in handy to skip common hassles at the airport.

Best Airport Hacks 2022

Most airports, especially in metro cities, are always busy. Whether you book cheap flight tickets during peak season or off-season, you will feel light when you know how to get past the security checkpoint without worrying about a thing.

Travelling is meant to be exciting, so why not make it one? Put your best foot forward with the following airport travel tips.

Best Travel Hack

Pack right

Start with the basics; packing hacks for flying. To be more specific, check the baggage allowance of the airline you’re travelling with. Pack in a manner so that the required items can be removed easily while going through the security check. Here, it’s also important to know what stuff you can carry and what you won’t be allowed to bring on the flight. In case you’re travelling with just a carry-on, packing your liquids at the top will be helpful. Also, organise your hand luggage properly, so you don’t have to put in a lot of effort while removing the items security officials want out of your case. Not at every airport, but packing right will save you from having to go through the aggressive checking process that usually leaves people panicking and leaving things behind. Also, be informed about the accurate measurements and weight of the bags you’re allowed to travel with. Purchase a baggage scale if you need to, and pack accordingly to avoid hassles later.

Documents are the most important

Necessary travel-related documents like identity cards, passports, and visas should be kept handy, as well as safe. Keep at least one duplicate photocopy of each of the documents separate from the original one for the safe side. Double-check if you have your boarding pass somewhere handy. It’s okay to forget an extra pair of socks, but it’s not okay to forget to pack your passport or boarding pass for a flight journey. In addition to this, don’t forget to keep your phone charged in advance, especially if you need to show an electronic boarding pass to the officials.

Web check-in

Online flight booking is quite common, but you might not have heard of online check-in. Once you choose the web check-in option for your air travel, you will never want to go for onsite check-in ever again! All you need to do is log into the airline’s website and locate their web check-in portal. From here, you get an option to change your seats, as well as purchase add-ons like meals and extra baggage too. Here, you can also save some waiting time, as most airlines have separate queues for travellers who’ve checked-in before arriving at the airport. So, what’s the wait for? Book cheap flights online, choose web check-in and board the plane right away to an exotic location.

Weighing the luggage

If, by any chance, you haven’t weighed your luggage before getting to the airport, avoid heading to the weigh checkers where you have to pay. Use the weight checker at an unattended check-in counter instead.

Line up next to the Business Class counter

If you weren’t able to check-in online before the flight, lining up next to the business class counter is the best option. Since they usually have lesser passengers to assist, they will likely pull in some people from adjacent counters.

Get used to the security process

You might not be a frequent traveller; therefore, you may not know the security processes very well. Be informed about the basics, like removing all metal objects from your body, removing electronics from your carry on and removing your shoes. Once you’re accustomed to the process, you’ll be more cautious of how you should dress and how to pack your carry-on items.

Make your luggage noticeable

Ever faced a lost luggage situation at the airport? Well, using common sense is the solution! There is a big chance that other people on the same flight have a bag similar to yours. The simplest solution to this is to make your luggage stand out. Forget about style, and use a colourful ribbon, belt, tape or a unique travel sticker on your bag. Putting an indicator will always help you keep the luggage show up in the crowd.

Leave the gifts unwrapped

Security personnel at the airport need to examine what you’re carrying in your bags. Therefore, it’s essential to watch what you pack in the bags and also keep the gifts unwrapped for hassle-free checking.

Airport lounge

Not everyone can afford to chill out in a premier lounge before a flight. But, most people don’t know that they can access the airport lounge at reasonable prices. Airport lounges sell all-day passes, which are very helpful especially when you are travelling with kids and your connecting flights are hours away. Whichever class you may have chosen, you can get to relax in a quiet lounge and enjoy food, drinks along with magazines and wifi in a relaxing atmosphere.

Airport map app

You may find an airport map app helpful in many ways. Not only you will get to the gate faster, but you’ll also know which shops, restaurants and bars are available near you. Whether you’re travelling alone or with kids, you wouldn’t want to walk unnecessarily around the airport only to get tired.

Learn about layover destination and layover airport

Navigating an airport can be tedious task, and inefficiency can have drastic consequences when you have a connecting flight. So, you can use the airport map app not only during your take-off, but also for your layover and destination airport.

These tips will surely make your journey hassle-free, and you won’t have to travel the same way again. However, in case you still have to face some adverse situation at the airport, don’t panic and handle the situation calmly, as panicking will only make a problem bigger.

Have a special occasion approaching anytime soon? Book flights with the lowest airfares and a cheap hotel with world-class amenities, and celebrate in your way. Don’t forget to use these airport hacks to make your journey less stressful.