Mysore’s May Magic: Enjoying the Best of Culture and Climate in May

Mysore, known for its rich cultural heritage and royal history, offers a delightful escape in the month of May. As the temperatures rise in other parts of India, Mysore remains pleasantly cool, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking to blend cultural exploration with comfortable weather. Here’s a guide to enjoying the best of what Mysore has to offer in May.

1. Marvel at the Mysore Palace

Begin your journey with a visit to the iconic Mysore Palace, a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic architecture. The palace, illuminated every Sunday evening and during public holidays, offers a mesmerizing sight with its thousands of light bulbs glowing against the evening sky. Explore the opulent interiors, filled with intricate carvings, beautiful paintings, and historical artifacts that tell the story of Mysore’s regal past. Don’t forget to book your flight ticket sooner to experience this place.

2. Stroll Through Brindavan Gardens

Just a short drive from the city, Brindavan Gardens is a must-visit for its beautifully landscaped terraces and musical fountain show. In May, the gardens are lush and vibrant, providing a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll. The evening light and sound show at the fountains is a spectacular display that should not be missed.

3. Discover the Charm of Chamundi Hill

Head to Chamundi Hill for panoramic views of Mysore and to visit the Chamundeshwari Temple, a revered pilgrimage site. The climb up the 1,000 steps to the temple is a rewarding experience, with the cool May breeze making the ascent pleasant. Don’t forget to stop by the Nandi statue, one of the largest monolithic statues in India, located halfway up the hill. For accomodation, secure your hotel booking faster to stay at your favourite spot.

4. Explore St. Philomena’s Cathedral

A visit to St. Philomena’s Cathedral, one of the tallest churches in Asia, is a must for architecture enthusiasts. Its neo-Gothic style, inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, is a sight to behold. The serene ambiance and stunning stained glass windows make it a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

5. Experience the Local Culture at Devaraja Market

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting Devaraja Market, a bustling marketplace that dates back to the reign of Tipu Sultan. The market is a sensory delight, with stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, and traditional handicrafts. Interact with the friendly vendors and get a taste of local life.

6. Wander Through the Mysore Zoo

One of the oldest and most well-maintained zoos in India, the Mysore Zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles. May is a great time to visit as the zoo’s lush green surroundings provide a cool and comfortable environment. It’s an enjoyable outing for families and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

7. Visit the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum

The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum offers a unique experience with its intricate and detailed sand sculptures. This outdoor museum features over 150 sculptures depicting various themes, from Indian mythology to wildlife. The creativity and craftsmanship on display are truly impressive.

8. Relax at Karanji Lake

Spend a tranquil afternoon at Karanji Lake, a serene spot known for its natural beauty and bird-watching opportunities. The lake’s butterfly park and aviary are highlights, and a boat ride offers a peaceful way to enjoy the surroundings. The cool breeze and scenic views make it an ideal spot for relaxation.

9. Indulge in Mysore’s Culinary Delights

No trip to Mysore is complete without sampling its culinary offerings. Enjoy a traditional Mysore masala dosa, a delicious blend of crispy dosa and spicy potato filling, at one of the city’s renowned eateries. Don’t forget to try Mysore Pak, a rich and sweet delicacy that originated in this city.

10. Participate in Local Festivals

May often features various local festivals and cultural events in Mysore. Check the local calendar for events like Karnataka Rajyotsava or local temple festivals that provide a deeper insight into the region’s traditions and community spirit.


Mysore’s blend of cultural richness and pleasant May climate makes it a perfect destination for travelers seeking a unique and enjoyable experience. From royal palaces and serene gardens to bustling markets and tranquil lakes, Mysore offers a diverse array of attractions that cater to all interests. So pack your bags, secure your flight booking, and get ready to explore the magic of Mysore in May!