Top 8 Surfing Destinations in India

Surfing is a growing passion in the country. More and more people are heading to surf and enjoy the adventure with the waves. The 7,500 km long coastline of the country makes the surfing India adventure all the more exciting. Surfing in India can be best enjoyed from May to September when the waves are at their peak. To go surfing, you first need to find the perfect places where you can enjoy the adventure to the fullest.  Grab your air tickets and start your journey to some of the best surfing places in India as mentioned below:

Best Surfing Destinations in India

Covelong/Kovalam Village, Tamil Nadu

Covelong Kovalam Village Tamil Nadu

The fishing turned surfing village, to the south of India, Kovalam is one of the most remarkable spots for surfing. You can find both the beach and reef breaks in Kovalam where the tourists can enjoy surfing and other adventure activities. Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival is organized annually during the month of August. You can free surfing lessons from here.

Best place to learn surfing: Covelong Point Social Surf School is one of the best places to learn surfing in Covelong. The place has a cafe, lounge and guest room at the beach. You can also check out the Ocean Delight Surf School, to learn surfing without any hassle.

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu


20-minutes away from the Tamil Nadu, is one of the best surfing spot in India. The place is Mahabalipulam, also known as Mamallapuram. It has right-hand point breaks located near the Shore Temple. The surfing spot is built by pile of boulders, nicely placed around the temple that juts into the Bay of Bengal. The waves depend on the sand positioning. These waves usually fall flat during the months of October and November. The months of June and July forms the perfect waves lasting till end of September.

Best place to learn surfing: The Mumu Surf School, headed by Mumu, offers excellent, fun and professional coaching to the tourists and the locals. The school also has a surf shop to cater your surfing needs. You can also find board shaping workshop, Temple Surfboards at Mahabalipuram. Book your flight tickets now to land at this perfect surfing destination.



The Pondicherry’s surfing season is long from June to January, witnessing up to 12 feet of high waves. Most tourists visit the Serenity Beach to enjoy fun-filled surfing. Pondicherry’s Serenity Beach is one of the best surfing destinations in India. Two piers were built to protect the beach from the devastating Tsunami in the year 2004.

Best place to learn surfing: Situated at the Serenity Beach, Kallialay Surf School is the best option to learn surfing in Pondicherry. The surfing school was started by two Spanish brothers as a part of their passion for surfing. The brothers have built India’s first skate park in Auroville. The speciality of this school is that it shapes its own surfing boards. You can avail several packages too starting from the single lessons to a 15-day course. A surfboard rental facility is also available here. So, board your flights and fly straight to Pondicherry for a rejuvenating experience.

Varkala, Kerala

Varkala, Kerala

The Varkala beach in Kerela is a perfect surfing destination for the beginners. While some may think the beach to be a close-out beach, Varkala still picks up the swell and marks it place among the list of places to surf in India.

Best place to learn surfing: You can choose Soul and Surf to learn surfing in Varkala. It has been giving lessons on surfing to tourists and locals since 2010. The unique feature of this surfing school is that it even specializes in yoga. So you can combine both the lessons here and learn yoga and surfing in a single go. They offer surfing lessons 7 days in a week, starting from October and commencing till mid of May. For visitors, who wish to stay, accommodations are also available.



Not only known for its ravishing parties, Goa is also known as one of the most-sought destinations for surfing in India. The coastlines of Goa serve as a treat for surfing beginners. The Ashwem to Arambol stretch in North Goa, might be your best bet for surfing. The season of October until April is the season when you can enjoy lots of partying and surfing in Goa.

Best place to learn surfing: Located put of Arambol Surf Club at the southern end of the beach, Surf Wala is one of the best options to take lessons on surfing in Goa. It is Goa’s first surfing school which was set up by a group of international surfers. Package deals, board hires and short stays are also available here. You can also try Banana Surf School to learn surfing in Goa.

Mulki, Karnataka

Mulki, Karnataka

Mulki is a small village, located 30 minutes to the north of Mangalore. It is home to the India’s first surfing school, and among the best surfing spots in India. The beach is mostly uncrowded so it serves as a good place for the beginners to learn surfing as they might not find huge rush at the beach.

Best place to learn surfing: You can learn surfing in Mangalore at the Mantra Surf Club. The club was started by two American surfing experts in 2004. The speciality of the club is that it comprises of India’s largest inventory of surfboards, so you can pick one that suits your size and skill level. They also have Ashram Surf Retreat which is operated by the surfing Krishna devotees. You can indulge in yoga and meditation too while you learn surfing.

Murudeshwar, Karnataka

Murudeshwar is known for its statue of Lord Shiva, which is the second tallest in the world. Besides this, the place is a surfer’s paradise. The sheltered bays in Murudeshwar on either side of the beach make for a perfect surfing destination. The area also breaks from 1 foot to 10 feet for adding to the surfing fun, depending on the time of the year. The perfect tropical climate and multitude of coconut and banana trees make Murudeshwar a perfect spot for surfing in India.

Alwars, Tamil Nadu

Alwars is a relatively offbeat place for surfing in India. The place is also known by the name of Manapad Point and is located 124 km from Trivandrum International Airport. The place makes for an excellent spot for surfers of all stages. Its exposed point break is quite consistent, making it perfect for surfing. The best time to surf in Alwars is from autumn to winter season as this time is optimum for weather and tides.

Gokarna, Karnataka


Gokana, a picturesque temple town in the state of Karnataka, is a one-stop destination for pilgrims, hippies, backpackers and wandering surfers. Several beginners arrive here from October to May to take a break and learn surfing at its placid beaches. The best waves can be witnessed on the Main Beach near Mahabaleshwar Temple.

Best place to learn surfing: Cocopelli Surf School situated on Long Beach offers various surfing courses, from beginner to advanced level.

Udupi, Karnataka

A coastal district in the state of Karnataka, Udupi is famous for its temples, food and beaches. Tourists from various parts of the country visit here to indulge in the adventure of surfing here. The endless stretch of golden sand and shimmering sea make for the perfect surfing spot in Udupi.

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