How travelling can help you deal with Depression

On the occasion of World Health Day 2021, we could not help but think about all the ailments that travellers face and that keep people from travelling to their heart’s content. Then depression crossed our mind! Impacting over 300 million people worldwide, depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the world. As per a study, approximately 6.5 per cent population of India suffers from some sort of mental disorder, the most common of which is depression. These numbers are a testament to the fact that India is among the most depressed nations in the world.

One of the biggest reasons that such a vast population of the country suffers from this ailment is the lack of awareness and the stigma attached to it. But while it is the most widespread mental problem, it is also the most treatable.

What is depression?

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Before discussing how you can deal with depression, it is crucial to understand what this disorder really is. Depression is an illness that affects how a person feels and the way they act. It causes the feeling of sadness with loss of interest in activities that once brought joy. If left untreated, depression can lead to several emotional and physical issues and diminish an individual’s ability to function properly in professional and personal life.

Fortunately, depression is treatable and with proper medical care and treatment, a person suffering from depression can successfully lead a healthy and happy life. While medications are available for the mood disorder, many people benefit from simply consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist.

How travelling helps in dealing with depression

Simple lifestyle changes can also help you in dealing with depression. Although no researches have been carried out to ascertain the relation between travelling and depression, countless people have claimed that having varied experiences and putting themselves in different situations have helped them overcome or, at the very least, deal with depression in a natural manner. Here is how travelling can help tackle depression.

It distracts you

Travelling puts you in situations that require you to think differently and your brain acts more than it normally does. You deal with things that require more focus and get distracted from problems that may be causing you emotional distress.

It shows you your true potential

People suffering from depression often have low self-worth and consider themselves incapable in numerous aspects. When you travel, you realise your potential and get a better understanding of your capabilities.

It is a stress buster

The stress of daily work life distracts us from what is actually interesting and meaningful. You need to take a break from the routine hustle and bustle of your work life to relax your senses and destress your mind. Travelling is the perfect way to recharge and rejuvenate your soul.

It makes your mind resilient

Travelling somewhere new where you are new to the surroundings and people around you will make you feel excited and intimidated. This, in turn, will help you toughen up mentally and emotionally.

You start to look at the bright side of life

Travelling takes you away from all the negative things in your life. You spend time alone and start to value good things in life. Not many people get to travel as things like work and family commitments keep them from it. Thus, even travelling is a privilege and what can be better than the fact that you can travel as and when you please.

You realise how insignificant some things are

Following the same routine, we start giving too much importance to even the most insignificant things in life. And then these start to bother us. As you step out to explore the world, you tend to realize what’s important and what’s not. Book cheap flight tickets and take off to make new friends.

You meet new people

Emotionally connecting with people who bring joy to your life can help in dealing with depression. And travelling allows you to meet new people who have interesting stories to tell. You travel, you meet people, you talk, you develop relationships with them…this brings positivity to your life and helps you against your depression.

With that being said, we would advise you to consult a professional psychiatrist or psychologist to help you deal with your depression. This #WorldHealthDay, take a stand against depression and deal with it the right way.