International Destinations to fit your Tight Budget

For the most of us, the first thought that comes to mind when the idea of an international trip crosses our mind is thatit’s too damn expensive. But is it really? Would you believe if I told you thatthere are a plethora of international destinations that can be explored by spending less than what you shelled out on your iPhone?! Yes, that is right! And, we are not talking about any ordinary place, but spots that draw holiday makers from all around of the world. Intrigued? Then check out the below list of destinations you can explore without splurging. Bhutan
Budget International Destinations Bhutan
Wedged between India and China, Bhutan is famed all over the world for its dramatic Himalayan landscape and tranquil monasteries. And, guess what? You can explore the natural and cultural bounties of this Buddhist kingdom in a budget-friendly manner. Do not assume that there aren’t many things for you to indulge in this quaint country. From visiting the many monasteries and sampling the local cuisine to beholding awe-inspiring sights of nature, you can do so much. A flight to West Bengal and a subsequent road trip to Bhutan won’t cost you more than a few thousands. Thailand
Budget International Destinations Thailand
The Southeast Asian country of Thailand is home to myriad amazing holiday destinations. A few to name are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Explore any ofthese in a budget of about 50K. You can make round-trip international flight booking for Bangkok within 15K, and still be left with plenty of bucks in your hand to have a whale of a time. If you want to explore the rich culture or beguiling street life of Thailand then head over to Bangkok, in case you wish to lounge on sun-kissed beaches then Pattaya and Phuket are great picks. Nepal
Budget International Destinations Nepal
Here’s another Himalayan nation that’s best owed with unparalleled natural beauty and aculture that dates back centuries. It is home to a total of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven of which are located within the Kathmandu Valley itself. Thenational capital, Kathmandu is a great destination whether you wish to capture breath-taking sights or partake in the local culture. Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath and Durbar Square are among the many points of interest you canexplore. The cheap international flights to Nepal available on HappyEasyGo will help you perfectly execute your holiday plan.   Singapore
Budget International Destinations Singapore
Singapore is another international travel destination that you can explore in the expense of a domestic trip. This island city-state is a fantastic place for all sorts of vacations, be it a romantic escapade, family getaway, solo adventure or a trip with the lads. While its colonial core speaks to history buffs, modern Singapore entices vacationers seeking glitz and glamour. New Delhi to Singapore flights start from just ₹6500 on HappyEasyGo. Dubai
Budget International Destinations Dubai
The uber-luxurious hotels and iconic points of interest of Dubai may make it tough to conceive the emirate as a cheap international travel destination, buttrust us, it is. You can book New Delhi to Dubai flights on HappyEasyGo for alittle over ₹6000 and you can also find the best hotel prices that will help you save even more. History buffs, foodies, adventurers, shopaholics…Dubai appeases one and all. You can take cheap international trips from Indiato any of the destinations mentioned above. You are only a flight and hotel booking away from one of thegreatest adventures of your life.