10 Stirring things to do in Kochi

A remarkable coastal city in South India, Kochi will steal your heart with gorgeous vistas. It takes you on an amazing journey back in time with its centuries-old palaces and shrines. India and its culture that has traces of the Dutch, Portuguese and British. Besides witnessing the harmonious confluence of several cultures, there are various things to do in Kochi that ensure that you do not get bored even for a second on your trip to Kochi. Take a glance at what you can do in this beautiful city-

Things to Do in Kochi

Appreciate the Architecture of Mattancherry Palace

Appreciate the Architecture of Mattancherry Palace

The Mattancherry Palace was presented to Raja of Kochi, Veera Kerala Varma, in 1555 as a gift. It is a double-storey fort with an amalgamation of the Portuguese and Kerala architectures. Among the popular places in Kochi, the palace has round-headed windows, masonry walls, wooden balconies and sloping roofs that make it distinct from other attractions in Kochi. In the present, the palace has been transformed into an art gallery, showcasing murals, paintings and scenes from the holy Ramayana. The splendid temple inside the palace is also worth the visit.

Learn about Judaism at Paradesi Synagogue

Paradesi Synagogue

Grab your flight bookings to Kochi to visit the oldest and the most famous tourist place in the city, the Paradesi Synagogue or Jewish synagogue. This synagogue conducts its services even now as it used to do way back in 1568. Though photography is prohibited inside the premises of the synagogue, you can immerse in the beauty of the place with your eyes. The elegant interiors of the synagogue are enhanced with chandeliers made of Belgian glass, arks carved out of teak, a pulpit, gold crowns and a magnificent clock tower.

Find Peace at St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church

Among the best places to visit in Kochi to spend some serene time is St. Francis Church. One of the first churches, St. Francis Church, was established on Kochi soil by St.Francis Xaviers. It is a blend of Indian and European artisanship. On both sides of the Main Altar are two oil paintings that depict two important events in the life of St. Francis Xavier. On either side of the sanctuary are huge pillars with Corinthian capitals depicting Jesuit Saints like Ignatius Loyola etc. The plasterwork on the ceiling, the lacework, everything here gives you information about the rich craftsmanship that existed then. Book your air tickets now to find solace at this peaceful church.

Explore Santa Cruz Basilica

Santa Cruz Basilica

Pick your cheap hotel bookings to Kochi if you wish to see one of the finest cathedrals in the country. Santa Cruz Basilica is an active church known for its architectural magnificence. Built by the Portuguese, the church was declared a Basilica in 1984 by Pope John Paul II. The Gothic architectural finesse and fascinating paintings adorning its walls are worth seeing. Take a deep look into the incredibly carved carvings and stained glass windows of the church.

Attend a Kathakali Performance

Kathakali Performance

Attending a Kathakali performance is one of the fun activities in Kochi. If you wish to feel the cultural vibe of Kochi, the best way to do this is through Kochi’s food and music. A Kathakali performance is the perfect testimonial to the jaw-dropping culture of the Kochi. Dancers dressed in vibrant and colourful costumes, adorned with makeup and headgear, depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata will leave you spellbound. You can even head backstage, with permission, and witness the dancers getting ready. The best place to witness a Kathakali performance is at the Kerala Kathakali Centre.

Try your hand at fishing with Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets

Among the best things to do in Kochi is visiting the unique and spectacular Chinese fishing. According to the legends, these nets were brought to Kochi from the court of the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan or renowned Chinese explorer, Zheng He. The experience of visiting these nets in the fishing villages of Kochi is unique and enriching. This fishing technique is very interesting and can be learnt from the local fishermen. Catch your own fish and cook it yourself by purchasing the morning catch from the fishmongers.

Watch Dolphins at Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach

There are several small islands in Kochi where you can visit for gentle waves and catch a glimpse of the dolphins. Cherai Beach is among the popular Kochi beaches where tourists can enjoy low tides and dolphin sightings. This pristine beach is popularly called the Princess of the Arabian Sea as it has the vast Arabian Sea on one side and backwaters on the other. Besides being a perfect spot for dolphin lovers, it is an amazing retreat for those who wish to take a swim or sunbathe on the beach. Grab your airline ticket booking to Kochi now to spot the dolphins at this picturesque beach.

Stroll on the Princess Street

Princess Street

You can indulge in souvenir shopping at Princess Street in Kochi. A stroll on this street will give you a chance to learn about the culture of the city. Also known as Loafer’s Corner, this street in Kochi is a place that reflects the city’s both traditional as well as modern facets. The street is enveloped with European, British, Portuguese and Dutch-style colonial houses on both sides. Shop for books, artefacts and handicrafts or relax at some of the best cafes in Kochi on Princess Street.

Spend Leisure Time at Abhayaranyam


If you love animals, then you need to add Abhayaranyam to your things to do in Kochi. One of the best tourist spots in Kochi, the place offers you a chance to stay in the wild and witness it being tamed. It is a zoo-cum-elephant training centre in Kodanad, a small village in Kochi. Baby elephants and the elephants that are stranded are trained here. Drench yourself while you witness the trainers bathe the baby elephants. Getting splashed by these little ones is a memorable and fun experience. This sanctuary also gives you the chance to experience the rare calm moments where you can relax and be yourself.

Learn History at the Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum

You are sure to be impressed at the first look at this museum. The architecture and brilliant mélange of three different styles of this museum will leave you awestruck. The three floors of the museum sport a different architectural style. The ground floor reflects the Malabar style, the first floor displays the Kochi style and the second floor showcases the Travancore style. The place houses almost 4,000 artefacts that were once part of the South Indian temples and households. The traditional musical instruments, ornaments and Kathakali masks are a treat to the eyes of the visitors. The museum is a paradise for the history buffs and those who wish to take an insight into the Jewish culture. An amazing highlight of the museum is the traditional door lock Manichitratazhu. The museum also hosts plays for a deeper understanding of Kerala’s culture.

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