8 Tips for a Great Solo Travel Experience

“Traveling alone will be the scariest, most liberating, life changing experience of your life. Try it at least once!”


Many people dream of travelling solo, but only a rare few gather the courage to hit the road alone. If you have also been contemplating a solo trip, then we suggest you embark on your journey soon as it will be one of the most eye-opening experiences of your life. To help you have the perfect adventure, we have curated a list of tips that to help you. Check out these solo travelling advice below.

Solo Travel Advice

Pack light


Although this travel tip is essential for every vacation, you need to pay special attention when going solo. Imagine being stuck in the middle of a bustling market with no one to help you with your bags. Scary, right? Thus, you should always try to pack as much as you can carry yourself conveniently.

Look confident


This is one of the most crucial solo travel tip. While travelling solo, some situations may make you nervous but that should not show to the people around you. Confusion on your face may attract unwanted attention and can make you vulnerable. Even if you are lost, simply walk into a store and ask for directions.

Arrive during the day

Arrive during the day

Searching for hotel or mode of transport can be a little intimidating at times, especially when you are travelling alone. Therefore, it is suggested that you arrive at your destination during the day so you have the opportunity to reach your hotel before the city shuts down.

Make friends


Solo travel can have a few dull moments. But you can make the most of these by getting to know the people around you. These can be other travellers or locals open to making a new friend. You can hang-out at cafes or have lunches together.

Don’t be too trusting


When on the road alone, you will meet plenty of like-minded people who are travelling solo just like you, and even locals appearing to help a stranger touring their city. However, do not be too trusting. Sometimes, even the most charming people are the ones looking to take advantage of you. Meet, hangout, share things, but only to a limit, and always be cautious.

Start the day early

Start the day early

By starting the day early, you ensure that you can be back at your hotel before the sun sets down. Villages, towns, hill stations and several similar destinations shut down early in the evening, and you do not want to be deserted alone on the streets of a place you do not know well. So, start your day early and make it a point to reach your hotel on time.

Keep family and friends updated


When travelling solo, you might want to keep your family updated on your whereabouts. You may be building your itinerary as you go, but just drop a text or make a quick call to let your family know where you have reached.

Do your homework


One solo travelling mistake that many people make is that they do not plan well. However, when heading out to a new place alone, one should thoroughly research about the destination. Moreover, reading the experiences of other travellers and learning from their mistakes can make a huge difference. So, always read travel guides and blogs of people who have been to your destination. This might help a lot.

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