How to Save Money While Travelling

Travelling can be pretty expensive if you are on a long-term vacation. Staying in luxurious rooms, dining at fancy restaurants and purchasing expensive souvenirs can leave a heavy burden on your pocket. When you travel for a long-term, you need to stick to a budget to save more for the essentials and emergencies. Do your research and invest in a way that you avoid spending, and start saving more. This money-saving will surely pay off in the long term. We are suggesting some easy ways by which you can save money while travelling:

Tips for Saving Money While Travelling

Cooking more and eating out less

save money while travelling

Stop going out and eating in fancy restaurants all the time. If you are travelling for long you will constantly see how eating in luxury restaurants for 3-4 days can add to your budget. You can’t escape the tax, tip, drinks (add-on), and desserts. Eating out in most parts of the world is quite expensive. For this reason, if you are travelling long-term, you can choose to cook with the local ingredients you find in the supermarkets or local markets. The first thing you can do when you arrive at a new place is to search for the nearest local market. Learn some easy and quick recipes beforehand and start trying them out on your vacation. This is one of the best ways to save money while travelling.

Travelling in the off-season

Travelling in the off season

Some places become really expensive when it’s ‘high season,’ such as during Christmas, New Year, spring breaks, winter vacations etc. You should avoid travelling during these times of the year. There will be hotels that will try to fill up their properties and will levy hefty charges for even a one-day stay during the peak season. But, if you travel in the off-season, you will find a lesser number of tourists, and therefore, hotels will be available at discounted prices to draw visitors. The prices of the flights will also be much lower during the off-season as a number of travellers will be lesser compared to the peak season. For instance, if plan to travel to Manali, travel during the months of April to July. During this time you will find less crowd, cheap hotels, and cheap flight booking.

Saving money by staying in hostels

save money

Staying in luxury hotels can cost you a lot more. One of the tips to save money on travel is to stay in hostels. Hostels can be both memorable and affordable staying options. You can make new connections, meet new people, have access to hospitable staff and take part in group outings too. Some of the hostels even offer creative activities for the leisure of the guests. Hostels are a cost-effective way if you are travelling for months. Research well in advance or ask the locals about the most budget-friendly hostels that do not compromise the facilities and amenities. If you are, by any chance, lucky, you might end up finding a hostel that will offer you food too at pocket-friendly prices.

Travel to places where your home currency is in use


If you are planning for a vacation, book your air tickets and compare the cost of travel at various places in advance. Calculate the cost of travelling, staying, dining at local restaurants and other expenses in your currency and compare it with the currency of the place that you are travelling. If you find that the foreign currency is exceeding your budget, start finding alternatives for the expenses. For instance, instead of hiring a private cab, use public transport to travel. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, opt for vegetarian-vegan food during your travel to save more, as non-veg dishes are usually costlier than veg dishes.

Calculating the average price to travel to a city helps us in cutting down our expenses, and we will be able to spend that money exploring places that are a must-visit attraction in a city or country.

Cutting out on the shopping

Cutting out on the shopping

One of the best money saving travel tips is to stop spending money on unnecessary shopping. People have a habit of buying something every time they travel. Though the souvenirs are a craze at first sight, once you reach back home, they may be unused or rust over a long period of time. There are chances that you may own similar things already, and an addition might just be a waste of money. Instead of buying loads of things, purchase only a few from the local markets. Bargain well and do not spend a lot on the things you already have or on things that are really expensive. Also, keep in mind to buy souvenirs that are handy and have a low to no risk of breaking down during your way back home.

Alternatively, you can opt for clicking more pictures as they will be a memory for a lifetime. Souvenirs or other articles may rust, get broken down, or lost, but photographs will always stay.

Search things that you can do for free during your travel

Search things you can do for free during your travel

Before you pack your bags and make your hotel bookings, search for things that you can explore for free in a city. Choose places where there is a low entry fee or no fee at all. Pay a visit to the national parks, sanctuaries or parks for recreation. History buffs can search for places where there are medieval ruins and can be explored for free. In this way, you can save more on your trip.

Compare flight ticket prices before booking

Before finalising your flight bookings, compare the airfares on several websites to get the best prices. Different websites display different prices for the same flight route. Choose the best website/app to book your air tickets and save more on your travel. You can also check different dates as flight ticket prices may vary on other dates. For instance, ticket prices may differ between January 1 and January 15.

Make use of local transport and research for local trends beforehand

Figure out the average price of travel beforehand in the city you are planning to visit. Also, check for the costs of local taxis, buses or metros to ensure that you can travel longer and better. The expenses incurred in travelling via private cabs are more than travelling via local transport of an area. This way you can cut out the expenses of travelling locally during your trip.

Avoid buying unnecessary stuff during travel

Do not try to buy everything that seems fascinating to you in a new destination. If you buy too much, you will exceed your travel budget and also over load your luggage. Buy small souvenirs from the local markets to keep as a memory, so that you do not spend more. Also, avoid buying anything fragile as it may break while travelling.

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