7 Lessons to Learn from Travelling

People consider travelling just a means of fun and relaxation. But contrary to this, travelling is also a means of learning that can teach you more than a classroom or a job ever will. Travelling means packing up and leaving your comfort zone to adjust to the new surroundings. Exploring new destinations, interacting with new people and learning unfamiliar customs is what travelling is. Some of the things that you can learn from travelling are listed below:

Lessons from Travelling

Being more patient

Living in a fast-paced lifestyle engrains impatience in an individual. Waiting for food in a restaurant, standing in queues for the restroom or even waiting for a reply for an email makes people impatient. The biggest lesson from travel life is that it is ok to wait. Even if something goes wrong, be patient till the help arrives. You need to be real that travelling is not as luxurious and glamorous as it depicts on advertisements and Instagram accounts. There might be several incidents where you might be late due to a delayed flight, and you’re stuck at the airport, you might catch flu or stomach bug, and you’re on bed rest, your train might be running late, you get on the wrong bus, or bad weather will minimize your trekking experience.

These instances are likely to happen on any trip, but the good part is that such experiences build character and is one of the benefits of travelling. Patience is a virtue, and you will learn this once when you face such incidents, and you will surely appreciate the experience even more.

Leaving your comfort zone

People do not enjoy travelling for the long term as travelling means leaving behind their comfort zone, their home, group of friends, food, pets, television and much more. Booking an air ticket or boarding a bus or train is just the first step. It is exhilarating to leave your comfort zone for a bit and to grab an unfamiliar territory to explore. All you need to do is gather strength and pull up the trigger, and you will surely bring loads of stories on your way back home.

Being more curious

In-depth understanding of something that was once an idea makes travelling worthwhile. Travelling to a new territory will make you curious to learn the new customs, new language, taste local food, and explore the religious practices. Your solo travel experience will enhance, as if you travel solo, you will interact with the locals and natives more and learn about the new culture. Curiosities will turn into discoveries, and you will gain a better discovery experience. This curiosity will motivate you to ask more questions, explore more and immerse yourself in the new surroundings.

Appreciating other cultures


Judging and questioning a completely different culture from yours, without exploring it, is very easy. Travelling or living in a place completely different from your home town is very different from hearing and reading about it from far off. Grabbing your flight booking and landing in an entirely new place allows you to deeply immerse yourself and appreciate the new language, food habits, clothing, locals and natives. Being patient and taking time to come out of your shell and interact with these new surroundings is a wonderful way to enjoy travel and learn from it. This cannot be taught in bookish knowledge but has to be experienced and learnt.

Living simply

One of the travel tips for adapting is to live simply. You can survive with very little essentials and get by just fine. Travelling forces you to pack lightly so that you can go home overwhelmed by how much you actually have. Sleeping in low budget guesthouses, or pitching tents on barren grounds during an outdoor adventure is not a bad idea. It does not concludes that this is the end of the world. You just learn to live with it. Steering away from lavish stays and luxury meals is what you have to sacrifice if you want to travel more and save enough simultaneously. As a result, you will realize that you don’t need anything other than the essentials to survive when you will be back home.

Interaction with strangers

If you are travelling solo, then human interaction will be a must for you. Other travellers who are stranger to you will also be eager to interact with you and learn about your story, the places you have travelled, how long you have been travelling, your opinions on different destinations and much more. Similarly, communicating with the locals will help you immensely during your trip. The locals will guide you to the best and cheap hotel to stay in, places to visit, food to try etc. We are all bounded by one common trait, and that is, love and new experiences.

If you keep a healthy interaction with people around you, you will never feel bored during your trip. There will always be a known to accompany you for an activity, sit beside you on public transport, or just have an evening tea with you.

Trying new things

Booking cheap domestic flights for your travel also forces you to come out of your shell and explore the new ambience. Doing what we are used to doing does not always work out while you are travelling. Picking up a language to interact with the locals, trying the ethnic food of a place, taking public transportation for travel rather than your private cab gives you vast experiences for a lifetime. These things are not difficult. Once you have tried these a couple of times, you get the gist of it. You can also try signing up for a new outdoor activity such as hiking, sailing, or flying in a helicopter, which you cannot try at home. A new place will offer you new opportunities to explore.

Appreciating Cultures and their Differences

Experiencing and knowing about new and different cultures is the best thing about travelling. From visiting museums to learn about the bygone era to eating out in a local restaurant and enjoying the local way of life, there are several things you can expose yourself to unique cultures. Pick and try some local customs. Every country or town you visit will surely teach you something new about their tradition and culture.

Enjoying Life over Possessions

We need very little to find happiness in life. That’s a life lesson you will learn during travel. When you pack lightly and just the essentials, you rely more on your in-depth experiences and not on the pleasures, you encounter from the possessions you bring. Relaxing in rundown guesthouses or staying in hostels is where you get the true essence of life. This is when you realize that you do not need all those things you desired back home.

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