Volunteer Travel in India: How to Give Back while Travelling

Volunteer tourism or voluntourism, in India, is an emerging concept. It means giving back to the people and environment of your destination by doing your bit. It fills our heart with joy when we say that more and more travellers these days are becoming responsible. They are dedicated to preserving the environment and culture so that these can be a source of amazement for our future generations as well. Thus, volunteer tourism has become a global idea with more and more holidaymakers choosing to volunteer during their adventures.

Does the concept intrigue you as well? Do you want to take part in a volunteer adventure on your next outing? Then rejoice because there are a vast number of opportunities just waiting for you to seize.

Here are some options to volunteer travel in India

Teach Kids in Ladakh

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Ladakh is a remote area, several parts of it remain deprived of even the most basic of amenities and services. There are a number of NGO’s you can get in touch with to fulfil the educational and environmental needs of the region and its people. So, choose one as per your skills and off you are to help the locals. Druk White Lotus School, which was featured in the movie 3 Idiots is where you can volunteer in case you fancy teaching and like kids. You can donate, fundraise or spend time with the kids teaching.

Help Preserve the Beauty of Spiti

Spiti Volunteer and Travel India

The cold desert mountain valley of Spiti boasts unique natural and cultural bounties. Operating in the region are numerous non-governmental organisations that aim to preserve this wealth. You can volunteer with these for an insight into the rich culture of the locals. From the construction of greenhouses and solar passive structures to daily village tasks and office work, you can choose from a range of activities.

Do Farming in Assam

Assam Voluntourism in India

A significant part of farmers in Assam is still dependent on the traditional means of farming. They are in dire need of support in order to maintain their livelihood. You can join an NGO providing essential resources and training to small scale farmers. It is one of the most breathtaking places for volunteer travel in India, replete with greenery and tranquillity. Volunteering here will allow you to discover a lesser-explored part of the country.

Rescue Endangered Wildlife in Chennai

Chennai voluntourism

India is a vast country that’s home to a wide range of wildlife species, many of which are endangered. Oliver Ridley sea turtles or Pacific Ridley sea turtles are the second smallest species of turtles that have witnessed a steep fall in population in the recent past. If your idea of volunteer tourism in India involves helping endangered or threatened wildlife and learn about them in the process, then book a cheap flight ticket to Chennai right away. Activities include searching for their eggs on seafronts at night and relocating them to a safe place.

Meet Tibetans in Dharamshala

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Dharamshala is home to the Tibetan government in exile. A large number of Tibetan exiles also reside in the hill station, giving tourists in India a chance for a peeks at their rich culture. And what better way to learn about their way of life than volunteering to make their lives better. You can give classes in Spanish, French, Chinese or English, vocational training or IT courses. There is no dearth in volunteer travel options in Dharamshala. And needless to say, this hill station is a gorgeous place that will leave you awe-struck with its sceneries.

Preserve the Environment of the Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman-and-Nicobar volunteer tourists

If you adore long walks on velvety white sand beaches and playing in sparkling waters, then you ought to volunteer in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. NGOs work to preserve the environment of the region so that tourism can be sustained. You can take part in carrying out interdisciplinary research, educational programmes on the environment and more…just whatever suits your skillset.

Work on Social Issues in Kumaon

Local NGOs are operational in Kumaon, which are working with the local communities on issues like primary education, health care, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, soil and water conservation and development of youth. You can join these NGOs and help them in addressing and working towards these issues, bringing about an improvement in the quality of rural life. Volunteers are free to choose from different fields, such as health, education, agriculture etc.

Promote Ecotourism in Sikkim

Sikim Best Volunteer Blogs

Sikkim, home to the highest mountain in India, Kangchenjunga and a dramatic landscape comprised of glaciers, peaks and meadows. UNESCO has joined hands with local NGOs for the conservation of the local environment and culture and promote ecotourism in the state. Get in touch with any of these to volunteer and travel India’s north-eastern parts. You can stay at homestays with the local families and teach them skills that will help them earn a living.

Come to the Aid of Orphans in Jaipur

Jaipur Volunteer advanture

In case you want to work with kids but do not like the cold weather like you find in Ladakh, then search for a flight booking to Jaipur. Here you can work for abused and orphaned children by conducting vocational training programmes to help them have a bright future. You can teach the English language or give classes in art and craft, teach dance or exercise, etc. The best part is that the programmes range from one week to a year. Thus, you can easily volunteer travel for as long as you want.

Help the Tribal Kids in Jharkhand

Jharkhand is one of the most underrated holiday destinations in India. It is a fascinating place, especially for culture enthusiasts. You can volunteer to help you tribal population overcome challenges in their everyday life. From teaching and promoting health care to telling them about the utilisation of available scarce resource, you can help in a number of was.

The next time you travel, volunteer and give back to the destination and its people. You can explore any of these amazing destinations. So, why wait. Plan a volunteer adventure today.