Top 5 Offbeat Destinations to Visit in March (2024)

Are you tired of the usual tourist spots and overcrowded attractions? India, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers a plethora of offbeat destinations waiting to be explored. From tranquil beaches to picturesque hill stations, India has something unique to offer every traveler. If you’re ready to step off the beaten path and embark on an adventure, here are the top five offbeat destinations to visit in India.

1. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Tucked away in the remote corners of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Surrounded by towering mountains and barren landscapes, this hidden gem offers breathtaking vistas at every turn. Explore ancient monasteries, trek through high-altitude villages, or simply soak in the serene ambiance of this untouched paradise.

For flight booking and hotel booking, consider flying into nearby cities like Shimla or Kullu, and then embarking on a scenic road trip to Spiti Valley. Accommodation options range from cozy guesthouses to luxury resorts, catering to every budget and preference.

2. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh


Nestled amidst the lush green hills of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro Valley is a haven for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Home to the Apatani tribe, known for their unique culture and agricultural practices, Ziro offers a glimpse into a world untouched by modernity. Explore the vibrant local markets, hike through verdant rice fields, or attend the famous Ziro Music Festival for a truly immersive experience.

When planning your trip to Ziro Valley, consider flight booking to nearby cities like Guwahati or Dibrugarh, followed by a scenic drive to the valley. Accommodation options range from homestays to eco-resorts, allowing you to experience the warm hospitality of the local community.

3. Gokarna, Karnataka


Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind in the serene coastal town of Gokarna, Karnataka. Tucked away along the Arabian Sea, Gokarna is famous for its pristine beaches, ancient temples, and laid-back vibe. Whether you’re a beach bum looking to soak up the sun or a spiritual seeker in search of enlightenment, Gokarna has something for everyone.

For flight booking and hotel booking, consider flying into nearby cities like Goa or Mangalore, and then taking a short bus or taxi ride to Gokarna. Accommodation options range from beachside shacks to luxury resorts, offering the perfect blend of comfort and relaxation.

4. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh


Often referred to as the “Mini Switzerland of India,” Khajjiar is a picturesque hill station nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. With its rolling meadows, dense forests, and snow-capped peaks, Khajjiar is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Take a leisurely stroll around the Khajjiar Lake, go horseback riding through the Deodar forests, or simply bask in the beauty of this idyllic destination.

When planning your trip to Khajjiar, consider flight booking to nearby cities like Dharamshala or Pathankot, followed by a scenic drive to the hill station. Accommodation options range from cozy homestays to boutique hotels, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

5. Majuli Island, Assam

khajuli island

Experience the serenity of river island life on Majuli, the largest river island in the world, located in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. Home to unique tribal communities, vibrant culture, and stunning natural beauty, Majuli offers a truly immersive experience unlike any other. Explore ancient Vaishnavite monasteries, witness traditional mask-making, or simply relax amidst the lush greenery of this enchanting island.

For flight booking and hotel booking, consider flying into nearby cities like Jorhat or Guwahati, and then taking a ferry or road trip to Majuli Island. Accommodation options range from rustic guesthouses to eco-friendly resorts, allowing you to experience the island life in comfort and style.


In conclusion, India’s offbeat destinations offer a wealth of experiences for adventurous travelers seeking to explore beyond the usual tourist spots. Whether you’re craving adventure in the mountains, serenity by the sea, or cultural immersion in remote villages, these hidden gems have something for everyone. So pack your bags, book your flights and hotels, and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in one of India’s offbeat destinations!