Best Travel Destinations across the World for Female Solo Travellers

Empowering, thrilling, satisfying – rewards of solo travelling are many. Numbers show that travelling solo is very much in, especially with women. You might have to ask a stranger to click a picture of you walking across a popular bridge in Amsterdam, but it’s a small price to pay for the freedom you get on a solo trip. Exotic jungles of Southeast Asia, cosmopolitan atmosphere of the US, and various geographical attributes of different regions across the world make the places unique for your solo journeys. Cheap flights and decent hotel deals in 2019, offered by leading travel agencies make these journeys even more rewarding.

Are you an independent girl who has been fantasising of exploring the world on her own? Don’t wait any longer, because we’ve rounded the best solo travel destinations for girls. Take a look.

Rome, Italy:


Famous for its tasteful fashion, romance, delectable food and beautiful people, the city is truly a fabulous destination for all kinds of travellers. Being a female solo traveller, this vibrant city will let you feel empowered and pleasant. You have a lot of exciting things to do in Rome as a solo traveller. Here, you get a chance to visualise the Roman Empire in its full glory by visiting excellent ancient sites like Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. The best part of travelling to this insanely beautiful city is that you will fall in love with it all over again even if you’re visiting it for the 10th time. So, if you’re heading to Rome, get the best value for your trip by finding a travel agency that can provide you with the lowest airfares and budget hotels.

New York City, United States:

Despite the crowds, New York City’s vibe and energy can rejuvenate anyone. Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Broadway, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and yellow taxis are among the many things that make this city iconic. Solo trip to New York is a brilliant option for women who want to travel alone. Here are the top reasons for female solo travellers to visit this beautiful city.

  • New York City has incredible shopping options
  • Visiting Central Park is a must thing to do
  • Watching a Broadway show is all you need to revive your energy
  • Believe it or not; New York City is very safe for female travellers
  • The city of iconic art museums can keep you busy all the time
  • The city’s nightlife is awesome
  • The subway system runs 24X7, and you can navigate the city alone
  • You get to feel like a star of a popular TV show on the streets of New York

Melbourne, Australia:


Praised for its live music, artistic culture and award-winning food, undoubtedly, Melbourne is among the best places to visit for female solo travellers. The city is known to appease female travellers with its museums, theatre, galleries, verdant gardens, large parks, extensive shopping and Victorian-era architecture. The Great Ocean Road, Philip Island and Grampians National Park are some other excellent places for female travellers to explore.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:


This vibrant, friendly and safe city is revered as one of the best places for females to travel solo in Europe. You have globally famous museums, gorgeous canals, lovely bridges and stunning architecture to visit and make your trip memorable. Whether you want to dive into the city’s rich culture or want to enjoy some relaxing days, this European city has got you covered. So, pack your bags without giving it a second thought and search online for the latest air ticket offers to make your trip a budget-friendly affair.

Montreal, Canada:


Set on an island, the city gives you a sweet taste of European life without spending a fortune. The scenic riverfront Old Port, grand old French restaurants, history museums and old cobblestone streets are lined beautifully beside 17th-century buildings. Since Canadians are, in general, very generous and friendly people, you will feel safe as a female solo traveller in the city.

Chiang Mai, Thailand:


A land of misty mountains, a paradise for shoppers, a delight for adventures and a playground for seasoned travellers, Chiang Mai must be in your list as a female solo traveller. Labelled as “rose of the north”, Chiang Mai is much quieter, safer and greener than the capital city, Bangkok. Culturally and historically interesting, the city has over 300 Buddhist temples and a range of yoga styles and vegetarian dishes. So give yourself a little nudge, book cheap flights online, and visit this Asian beauty this holiday season.

Apart from these destinations, you can also choose Bali, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, Mexico, New Zealand or Copenhagen for your solo travel. With the on-going vacation season, you are highly likely to find exclusive flight coupons from leading travel agencies. So, don’t leave this chance and plan a solo journey to the place that catches your fancy most.