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  • Valid from 4 Jan 2018
  • Applicable on Domestic Flights
  • Applicable to PC & APP
  • Expires on 4 Feb 2018

Happy Gold Top-up Reward

Top-up your HappyGold Account with more than Rs.5000 in a transaction and get 1% extra of the total
amount recharged as reward from HappyEasyGo. Recharge more to get more as reward .

Top-up will be credited in user’s HappyGold account along with the 1% Extra reward.

All Happy Gold E-cash can be redeemed for the booking via

About the top up

  • How to TOP-UP Happy Gold Wallet and Get extra Reward

  • 01 Sign up/sign in your account on
  • 02 Choose Happy Wallet in your Account Center and select Happy Gold.
  • 03 Click on Top-Up Button and transfer money in your Happy Gold Wallet.
  • 04 Finish the payment process as it guides.
  • 05 The Reward will be credited in your Happy Gold Wallet after one hour of successful l completion of the Top-up
  • 06 The user is intimated by an email by HappyEasyGo.
  • Total Amount of Reward

  • The total amount of reward depends only on the amount of money the HappyGold wallet is recharged with.
  • Example: If you recharge the Happy Gold Wallet with Rs5000, you will receive Rs 50 E-cash as reward Or 5000e-cash will be rewarded into HappyGold Wallet if recharged with Rs500,000
  • The Happy Gold Top- Up Reward Program is an reward scheme by HappyEasyGo for the registered users only who Topup their Happy Gold Account at Happy The scheme startd from 4 Jan 2018.
  • It is mandatory to Signup/ login up to avail the Top up Reward for booking the flights. The users details would be absolutely safe with HappyEasyGo.
  • The Top-up Reward would be given to registered user only when users recharges its Happy Gold Account with minimum of Rs5000.
  • HappyEasyGo Travel Pvt. Ltd. ("HappyEasyGo") reserves the right to add, alter, modify all or any of these terms and conditions, or replace wholly or in part, this offer by any other offer, whether similar to this offer or not, without prior notice.
  • HappyEasyGo has the sole right to decide on the amount and the eligibility of the Top-up Reward Program and also reserves the right to cancel the reward in case of fraudulent bookings.
  • HappyEasyGo would like to contact its registered users for its promotional activities or feedback during the course of the HappyEasyGO Top-up Reward Program.
  • All other standard terms and conditions available at shall apply.
  • Any disputes arising out of this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
  • What is Happy gold?

    Happy gold is a kind of e - cash given by HappyEasyGo to its Users under our Happy Wallet Program and it has no usage limit or expiry date.

  • What is the HappyGold Top-up Reward?

    The Happy Gold Top-up Reward is scheme by HaapyEasyGo in order to reward its users who Top-up their account with minimum Rs5000 at to give them extra.

  • What is the expiry of Top –up Reward?

    There is no expiry of Top-up Reward.

  • When does the Top-up Reward show in the user’s account?

    The Reward amount is reflected in user’s HappyGold wallet in an hour’s time and also will be intimated by an email.

  • How can I get the top-up reward?

    Once you top up your account through Happy Gold and you’ll get 1% extra points automatically recharged into your Happy Gold Account.

  • How can I use the top-up reward?

    Your top-up reward has been included in your balance of Happy Gold account. The reward is used just as your own credits when you book any flights via

  • When will the top-up reward be due?

    It will never expire until you use it up.

  • Why doesn’t the money I recharged show in my account ?

    Because there is some time difference on your bank transferring the money to HappyEasyGo bank account. Once HappyEasyGo bank account receives your money and we’re in sure of your payment, we will send you the confirmation email immediately. Therefore, the total value of your account will show up in no more than 1 hour.