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  • Name:Pune Int'l Airport (PNQ)
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  • Name:Patna Airport (PAT)
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Cheap Pune to Patna Flights

Although non-stop Pune to Patna flights are not available, flyers can choose from a range of connecting options to reach the Bihar state capital. Around three dozen Pune to Patna flights are available on a daily basis and you can easily pick one that suits you the best. These are operated by SpiceJet, IndiGo, GoAir and Air India. Some common layovers for these one-stop Pune to Patna flights are Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Wondering where you will find the cheapest Pune to Patna flight bookings? The answer is HappyEasyGo. Fly domestic or international at the best airfares from HappyEasyGo. Owing to our incredible flight booking deals, we have become one of the most sought-after online travel agency in India in no time and continue to grow at a very fast pace. Check out our airfares and you will never go back to your regular flight booking platform.

Lowest Airfares from Pune to Patna

  • To get pocket friendly flights you have to be bit flexible with selection of time of the flights, selection of different airlines.
  • You can also choose the option of low to high in filter cap.
  • At times if dates cannot be flexible then you can at least keep the time flexible to enjoy cheap flight with utter comfort.
  • airlogo Air India
    21:50 15:30 17h40m 1 stop From Rs6541 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    12:40 13:20 +1 1d0h40m 2 stop From Rs15481 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    23:40 15:30 15h50m 1 stop From Rs7305 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    12:40 18:35 +1 1d5h55m 2 stop From Rs9616 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    11:20 18:35 +1 1d7h15m 2 stop From Rs10996 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    15:55 18:35 +1 1d2h40m 1 stop From Rs6541 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    11:20 15:30 +1 1d4h10m 2 stop From Rs11496 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    11:20 15:30 +1 1d4h10m 2 stop From Rs11496 BOOK
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    11:20 13:20 +1 1d2h0m 1 stop From Rs15634 BOOK
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    12:40 18:35 +1 1d5h55m 2 stop From Rs8591 BOOK
  • airlogo Vistara
    05:30 19:55 14h25m 1 stop From Rs20012 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    18:50 18:35 23h45m 1 stop From Rs6541 BOOK
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    05:30 09:55 4h25m 1 stop From Rs20012 BOOK
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    00:25 18:35 18h10m 1 stop From Rs6541 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    11:20 15:30 +1 1d4h10m 2 stop From Rs11496 BOOK
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    12:40 15:30 +1 1d2h50m 2 stop From Rs9616 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    15:55 15:30 23h35m 1 stop From Rs6541 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    11:20 15:30 +1 1d4h10m 2 stop From Rs11496 BOOK
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    07:40 15:30 7h50m 1 stop From Rs15462 BOOK
  • airlogo Air India
    12:40 18:35 +1 1d5h55m 2 stop From Rs9039 BOOK

Lowest Airfares from Pune to Patna (Today, next 14 days, next 30 days)

Pune - Patna Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Departure Time Airline
Today Rs 8077 23 Sep 18:50 Air India BOOK NOW
next 14 days Rs 6575 28 Sep 18:50 Air India BOOK NOW
next 30 days Rs 6575 28 Sep 18:50 Air India BOOK NOW

About Pune

Pune is a flourishing academic and commercial centre in the state of Maharashtra. Once home to the elite of the Maratha Empire, today, it has made the reputation of being one of the fastest growing cities in the country. The fascinating past of this city has left it with a host of monuments that lure holidaymakers to hop-on to flights to Pune. Besides, it’s also got one of the best shopping and nightlife scenes in the country. Book a flight ticket to Pune and get ready to admire a unique amalgamation of the old and the new.

Places to See in Pune

Aga Khan Palace – Aga Khan Palace finds a place in almost every list of places of visit in Pune. Built by Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in 1892, it is one of the finest monuments in Pune, giving a glimpse into its rich past. The splendid palace is also where the British imprisoned Mahatma Gandhi along with his wife for 21 months after the launch of Quit India Movement.
Shinde Chhatri – A memorial for 18th-century Maratha military leader, Mahadji Shinde, Shinde Chhatri mainly attractions people with its architecture, which is traditional Rajasthani along with a touch of Anglo style. The insides of the building are adorned with beautiful paintings and photographs of the members of the Shinde family.
Shaniwar Wada Palace – Shaniwar Wada Palace is another magnificent Maratha monument gracing the cityscape of Pune. It served as the seat of the Maratha Empire between the early 18th century and early 19th century. Over the centuries, the fortress has been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times. It is among the many monuments that tempt historians to book cheap flight tickets to Pune.
Fashion Street – Fashion Street is counted among the best places to shop in India. It is where you can find everything from clothes and accessories to handicrafts. It is the favourite shopping district of the denizens to Pune and one visit to the place will tell you why.
Parvati Hill – Rising to a height of 2100 feet, Parvati Hill is the highest point in the city of Pune. It is thronged by people who wish to spend time in the outdoors. The temple sitting at the top of the hill also draws a large number of devotees.
Pataleshwar – Pataleshwar or Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a rock-cut cave temple dating back to the Rashtrakuta period in the 8th century. Carved out of a single rock, it is truly a sight to behold. The museum within the temple is home to a grain of rice which has 5000 letters inscribed on it.
Among the other tourist attractions in Pune are Dagadusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple, Chaturshringi Temple, Sinhagad Fort, Mulshi Lake and Dam, Osho Ashram and Lal Mahal. These and many more urge tourists to book cheap air tickets to Pune.

Where to Stay in Pune

Finding a good place to stay in Pune is more or less a cake walk. Viman Nagar, Deccan, Camp, Shivaji Nagar and Koregaon Park are marked with hotels where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long day on the road. The Pride, Ramee Grand, Hyatt Pune, Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Hotel, Vivanta Blue Diamond and Conrad Pune are among the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Pune one can book for a memorable stay. There is also no dearth of budget hotels in Pune and you can conveniently look for the same on the HappyEasyGo site and app.

Best time to visit Pune

Monsoon and winters present the perfect time to explore the city of Pune. Thus, you can travel to Pune between the months of July and February. The weather remains soothing during these months, thus you will have no trouble visiting the many popular points of interest in Pune.

How to reach Pune

Pune boasts excellent connectivity with the rest of India by means of road and rail. Therefore, you can conveniently drive or take train to the city. The fastest way to reach Pune is by booking a cheap flight. Pune International Airport, serving the city, is located at a distance of about 12 km from the centre of the city. It hosts regular flights from New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and numerous other major Indian cities. You can also book flights from Pune to these cities. Book flights to Pune with HappyEasyGo and save big bucks on your booking.

About Patna

Patna, the capital of the state of Bihar, has been a crucial part of the region for more than two millenniums. It was founded as Pataliputra in the 5th century BCE by a local king named Ajatashatru and refounded as Patna in 1541. Today it stands as one of the oldest cities in the country. The city also remains swamped with hordes of students owing to its many colleges and universities. Located near the city are renowned tourist hotspots like Bodhgaya and Rajgiri that also keep flight tickets to Patna in demand. HappyEasyGo brings you unbeatable discounts on airline tickets, so you can travel with burning away all your savings.

Places to see in Patna

Patna Sahib Gurudwara – Patna is shrouded in the history of Sikhism. Patna Sahib Gurudwara, one of the biggest places of worship in the city, is among the five Sikh takhts also referred to as Panj Takhts. The gorgeous white shrine is also thronged for its splendid design and architecture and is a place you should not miss to visit during your Patna trip.
Golghar – As many of parts of India were hit by a severe famine in 1770 killing about 10 million people, Captain John Grastin built a granary in 1786 to deal with the declining availability of grains. The structure has withstood the test of time and is visited by a vast number of tourists today for its peculiar architecture. It is among the most prominent attractions that tempt tourists to book cheap air tickets to Patna.
Agam Kuan – Said to be dating back to the time of the Ashoka Empire, Agam Kuan is an ancient well in Patna. It is believed to be once used to torture convicts, who were thrown into fire emanating from the well. It is believed to be auspicious and make wishes come true. So, don’t forget to throw a coin and make a wish when you book a cheap flight to Patna and finally get to explore the city’s many popular attractions.
Patna Zoo – Patna Zoo, also known as Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, is counted among the best zoos in the country. People from all walks of life visit the park and fall in love with it. Patna Zoo isn’t just a great place to come across fascinating mammals, but is also houses dedicated areas where you can admire reptiles and feathered creatures from up-close.
Bihar Museum – Established with the idea of preserving and promoting the culture and history of the region, Bihar Museum maintains a vast collection of artefacts, many of which are centuries old. The museum has numerous galleries where you can admire everything from paintings and sculptures to magnificent art pieces.
Other renowned points of interest in Patna are Oster Battery, Kumrahar, Jalan Museum, Sri Krishna Science Centre, Buddha Smriti Park, Mahavir Mandir, Jalmandir Temple, Begu Hajjam’s Mosque and Sun Temple.
Tourists making cheap flight bookings for Patna also take excursions to Nalanda University and Bodhgaya that are about 84 and 128 km away, respectively.

Where to stay in Patna

Business travellers and tourists can conveniently find a place to stay in Patna. From budget to luxury, all sorts of accommodation options at their disposal. Hotel Patliputra Continental and Lemon Tree Premier are two great options for a luxurious stay. Big discounts on online hotel booking are available on HappyEasyGo. Book with us to save money.

Best time to visit Patna

Tourists typically avoid visiting Patna during the summer season as it can get really hot and humid. The best time to visit Patna is during winters between the months of October and March. Booking flight tickets and hotels in advance can help you save money on your travels.

How to reach Patna

Patna can be reached by road, rail and air. Patna Junction is the major railway station serving the city. Thus, you can book a train ticket for Patna to reach the city. With the steep drop in airfares over the past years, booking an air ticket to Patna is also a good option. It is also the fastest option of the three. While New Delhi to Patna flight only takes one hour and 40 minutes, Mumbai to Patna flight is only two hours and 30 minutes long. HappyEasyGo brings you the best international and domestic flight booking offers. Book with us and enjoy savings like never before.